steve’s death is still the one thing that struck me the most about the episode, haha. kudos to the brilliant minds of tfp, if any of it was intentional.

I REALLY REALLY hope that wasn’t intentional and they didn’t actually kill Steve

cause they could have a lot more fun with him than that.

i don’t know how they’d bring him back because HAHA starscream literally shanked the shit out of him. seriously, what an asshole.
if there’s any hope for him my headcanon would like to believe what one anon on tfg said, that the drones’ personalities are simply recycled into new bodies. as horrifying as that may sound (especially if memory loss is involved) it’s a lot less farfetched than jack being an honorary prime.

and yes yes, the creators said that what dies stays dead, but i’ve been thinking, what if there’s a reason the drones are considered dispensable? maybe it’s because they literally ARE. they might not be alive in the same sense as the main transformers are but they might have a portable AI that is advanced enough it gives them proper sentience and limited rights. one that reboots rather than goes offline for good. the memories can die and such but the personality stays intact, kind of like a computer program from a cd.

maybe that’s just hopeful thinking (i always criticized steve for being a bad son to isaac and not growing a pair of balls) because i’ve grown accustomed to his faceless face. in the end i guess only time will tell. if steve never ever appears in transformers prime ever again, i can rest sadly but easily knowing he’s dead for good. if he does, well … i don’t know.

i don’t really like loose ends, so if there’s no explanation given whatsoever with steve’s reappearance (eg. an offhand comment by the kevin-voiced eradicon about his last run in with starscream and either barely surviving or getting offlined/brought back) then my mind will automatically assume, in this order of priority 1) the steve personality is back and had his memories removed by request due to conflicting emotions and trauma, 2) the personality known as steve is dead for good, memories and all and this is just a horrifying reminder of what once was or 3) steve never died, it was just an identical model who looked like steve.

tl;dr fuck you steve why am i fretting over you, you’re not even a canon character.

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